One of a kind

Control your safe and secure access to doors anytime anywhere – to any whom – when needed is now possible. No more key control, no more worrying about losing keys or making extra new keys. Ubiqu Access offers you an App that controls access of you door at home or at work. And it is done in the most convenient and safe way! Just by using your own mobile phone.


The technology of Ubiqu Access is based on the cryptographically end-to-end secure method. It is a certified and patented technology specially made for controlling security through your mobile phone for physical doors.

Where to use?

Is can be used for all spaces: private homes, offices, shops and stores. As long as there is a physical door and lock, we can make sure you can get the best solution to control access to this area.

Online dashboard

By making use of an online dashboard you can control access to all doors connected. Once installed the new lock you can (or anyone granted to do so) open the door by making use of your mobile phone!

How does it work?

Ubiqu Access works like any other electric lock. Is there currently no electric lock? Than we will replace the mechanic cilinder quick, without any damage or without use of electric wires. The entire Ubiqu Access system covers 4 parts:

4 parts covered

Within the online dashboard you can determine who has access, to what door, at what time. The mobile phone or tablet that is registered in this online system, can be used to just open and close the door that they have permission for.

Access rights are encrypted sent through the cloud to the mobile phone of the users. At the door, the user opens it by using the mobile app.

The access reader connected to the door receives a Bluetooth signal of your mobile phone. It checks the digital key and if it matches, the access reader sends an encrypted RF-signal to the specific door. Next, the door wil open or close.

When you have permission to open or close a door the access reader will unlock or lock the electronic door. Just turn the heck and you can open or close the door.

The benefits

No more key issues: a new lock, a new way of digital key control! Share access to anyone you want to thanks to our advanced encryption technology.

Provide access to anyone needed through your online dashboard: anytime, according schedule, or just for one-time use.

Ubiqu Access works on all mobile phones made from 2003, and can be installed on all physical doors.

Complicated physical key control? With Ubiqu Access you will safe time and money from day one. It is user friendly for all users and takes no large investment: pay as you use!

If you rent the access system of Ubiqu Access we will take care of all kinds of support.

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