The impact of eIDAS 2.0 on government organizations

Live webinar – Thursday, september 19 – 1PM

Join us for an in-depth discussion about eIDAS 2.0 and its implications for governments. This regulation requires all governmental organizations to play a key role in accepting, issuing, and ensuring the authenticity of identity data through the ID portfolio.

We’ll explore its impact on sectors like pension funds, healthcare, education, public utilities, and more.

  • Learn how this regulation is changing digital identity verification in government organizations.
  • Examine the challenges these organizations face and the implications for service delivery and compliance.
  • Discover the opportunities eIDAS 2.0 creates for digital transformation and improved public services.

Key questions we’ll explore:

  • What is the impact of eIDAS 2.0 on government organizations?
  • What are the practical benefits of eIDAS 2.0 for citizens and public administrations?
  • What challenges do government organizations face when implementing eIDAS 2.0, and how can they be overcome?
  • What are the future trends in digital identity within the public sector, influenced by eIDAS 2.0?
  • How can government organizations comply to eIDAS 2.0?

This webinar will not only be informative but also interactive. You will be able to engage with the speaker, asking questions and sharing insights through a live discussion. It’s your chance to delve deeper into the subject and better understand eIDAS 2.0’s impact.

Boris Goranov


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