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We help governments, banks and other organizations to safely issue and verify their data to the right wallet.

Wallet Issuing

Designing, issuing, hosting and maintaining approved Wallets is a core function of any digital ecosystem. Wallet providers such governments, banks, telco or any other organization enable users to safely engage online and interact within their domain.

A government approved wallet with a PID loaded can be used for (semi) governmental institutions but also to verify the identity of a citizen securely by any other organization and even issue credentials to other wallets using the government wallet for the verified ID.

We provide the technology to become a fully certified (EUDI) wallet issuer with QTSP status.

Personal ID (PID) Issuing

Converting a Verified ID into a Personal ID is fundamental for citizens who want to use the approved wallet to the full extent.

The PID issuer needs to verify requests and match these request with the civilian database.

Once the match is made it should issue a certified proof of the Personal ID into the approved wallet.

Attribute Issuing

Organizations tasked with managing authentic sources, e.g. registries of attributes, are obliged to start implementing a safe and certified way to create verifiable attestations of the these attributes, which users can use within their wallets.

Ubiqu delivers end-to-end certified technology to get you up to speed fast. For instance, for issuing qualified electronic attestations of attributes (QEAA) into approved wallets.

Authentication, Verification and Sharing.

We provide the entire infrastructure for organizations to safely accept and use all aspects of the digital identity, like Wallets, PIDs and eSealed messaging, to make sure fraud is a thing of the past.


Our eSeal solution is perfect for organizations who want to create sealed documents to ensure they have sole control about the information they issue. We provide the following features:

  • Sole control
  • Provenance: Check the origin of the document

And enriched with additional functionality such as

  • Status updates: Update or revoke issued documents
  • Audience management: Make sure the document is received by the right person and party.


We provide everything needed to setup a PKI and become a Qualified TSP with the least impact on your organization within the shortest amount of time, allowing you to be up and running in a fast and efficient way.

Praise from Our Clients

”The Ubiqu platform is the backbone of our security propositions. It helps us to create safe digital identities at scale.”

Harm Roosendaal

Product owner KPN

”Ubiqu is a reliable supplier that helped us to become successful in delivering the right quality to the right customer.”

Andor Buding


”We see strong digital identities as the future of banking and with Ubiqu we were able to get live and certified according to the highest standards.”

Viet Nguyen

CEO Xlinq (former ING)

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