• Our product, modules and platform are certified independently and integrated according to the relevant standard (eIDAS 1 & 2, W3C and NIST), .
  • Following a template methodology, customers can use these pre-certified products and integrate them into their own software stack.
  • After integration, getting certified on a QTSP status is fairly straightforward, as the relevant modules are already reviewed.
  • Our management system, including the platform, modules, processes and procedures are all compliant to the relevant standards (eIDAS 1, 2, W3C or NIST).
  • Ubiqu has developed a training program, to train customers on becoming a QTSP.
  • As a QTSP supplier, we are certified and trained on delivering, servicing and supporting technology allowing you to become a QTSP.
  • All modules, platforms, process and procedures are under continues risk monitoring to make sure we can trace back any deviations and run a compliant operation.
  • Core chapters to guide compliance; Risk management, Reliable Organization, Access Control, IAM, Cryptography, Collection of evidence, BC & DR, Audit, Human resource, termination.

Platform, Core, Flow and Run

  • Ubiqu offers a platform where Ubiqu has preselected, integrated and configured all tooling necessary to automate infrastructure, operations and DevOps (from source repo, via artifact to running).
  • Ubiqu platform enables the fully automated deployment of a compliant infrastructure (in public or private cloud).
  • Ubiqu platform enables the fully automated deployment of a compliant operational environment in this fully compliant infrastructure.
  • Ubiqu platform enables the fully automated deployment of code or artefacts in to the operational environment and infrastructure.
  • Ubiqu helps handle the complexities involved in ensuring that the infrastructure and operations meet compliance standards through automation and code-based solutions.
  • Core is the set of tooling to automate the infra.
  • Run is the set of tooling to automate the operational environment.
  • Flow is the set of tooling to automate the deployment, operation and configuration management.
  • The platform can be delivered:
    • As a service (in any public cloud and any jurisdiction).
    • Dedicated in your public cloud.
    • As artifacts for your own bespoke infra, operational environment en deployment and compliance approach.

Remote Secure Element

Why the RSE is a Game Changer

The reason why we still have weak digital identities, is the compromise between User Experience and Security. At Ubiqu we solved this by inventing our patented Remote Secure Element (RSE). The safest way to store a cryptographic token, that is linked to an identity, is in a dedicated hardware element. But carrying this around with you, results in poor UX and user drop-off.

Ubiqu offers a Remote Secure Element, allowing users to store their token in a secure data warehouse. The token is only accessible via the mobile phone of the user, allowing them to have the strongest possible identity, with just the UX of a PIN Code.

This is a game changer which will make identity fraud something of the past.

What we provide

RSE provides API calls to manage the lifecycle of the RSE. The goal of the token is to create, protect or destroy (cryptographic) assets. Assets can be anything that can be of value to an end-user, such as a secret, password, symmetric key, biometric template, or an asymmetric key pair, or a set of asymmetric key pairs, credentials or claims.

It is up to the issuers to manage the lifecycle of core identities, portal identities, credentials, claims, attributes or certificates. The IDP issuers the association between users, wallets, keys and RSE’s. For instance, a ubiqu token contains the RSA key pair. The Issuer can create and issue this RSE to a user in his wallet, after which a key pair is ready for use in the wallet, store in the RSE.

In case of eIDAS 1.0 certificates, it is now up to the Certificate issuer,/RA to prepare the CSR using the wallet and have it signed for subsequent processing by a CA. The Certificate can then be published and managed. The wallet with the RSE takes care of creation, destruction and usage of the key pair. This approach guarantees that the end-user always has full control of the key pair even for CSR generation.

Praise from Our Clients

”The Ubiqu platform is the backbone of our security propositions. It helps us to create safe digital identities at scale.”

Harm Roosendaal

Product owner KPN

”Ubiqu is a reliable supplier that helped us to become successful in delivering the right quality to the right customer.”

Andor Buding


”We see strong digital identities as the future of banking and with Ubiqu we were able to get live and certified according to the highest standards.”

Viet Nguyen

CEO Xlinq (former ING)

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