We are young pioneers with an infinite drive

At Ubiqu, we are specialized in developing highly secure mobile authentication tokens. We started as young couple of adventurers who aimed for the moon! … and we succeed to develop a disruptive mobile technology that makes all other token and login methods obsolete. We offer our mobile cloud technology software to companies around the globe who care about your personal data and want to protect it. We are on the forefront of cryptography, industry standards and best practices. By focusing solely on the development of cryptographic authentication software we have and will maintain our position as technology leaders.

We start living the digital secured future

Today, we carry physical keys to open doors, a wallet to pay at the checkout, a phone to call or use the internet, a remote control for the TV, etc. In the future, our phones will replace all these! At Ubiqu we have already started realizing this vision in our personal lives. We close our front door with our mobile, open our car and enter our office with the Ubiqu Access App as well as the access to our company server is done by the Ubiqu Access App. All is of course done at the highest level of security. The same security that is used in Ubiqu’s solutions. When using one token for everything, security becomes even more paramount. We are dedicated to developing the most secure mobile tokens possible. By taking care of the security, we enable the rest of the world to develop the applications they love.

Our mission

Ubiqu’s mission is to be the world’s best B2B and Consumer partner in online data security technology. To secure and store sensitive keys in the cloud and provide the owner exclusive control over their sensitive data. And foremost, to provide the owner exclusive control over his or her sensitive data.

In the future mobile tokens will be omnipresent

More information

A team of cybersecurity specialists located in Delft, The Netherlands, who operate in the Identity & Access Management (IAM) market. Ubiqu was founded in 2010 by former Siemens security specialist Boris Goranov.

It is a mobile software authentication token. We are the first company in the world, that has managed to match hardware security with software solutions and that is certifiable! Our Enterprise, Advanced and Pro solution can be used by banks, governments, airlines or larger online retailers to provide a better user experience to their customers, but without compromising in security. So you always know that interacting online with these companies or governments will be secure.

Our solutions have a better user experience and is more secure than any other software or hardware solution on the global market today. We are the first software solution to support the ISO LoA 4 security certificate. And to make sure we stay ahead of the competition, we patented the crucial security innovation. Of course, our continuous up-to-date solution is resistant to all known relevant threats and vulnerabilities.

Ubiqu is like its solutions! New, young and the best in its kind. We pride ourselves on having great Service Level Agreements to make sure our clients get the best. And of course, we are structured according to ISO 27001 and our development process structured to ISO 20000.

Our values

Something that is reflected in everything Ubiqu does, both internally and externally. Our values are an important driver in all we do. We stand for:





Meet the Management Team

Our team encompasses the brightest cryptography minds with years of security industry experience, mathematics PhD’s or simply outstanding programming skills.

Boris Goranov
CEO (Founder)

Guus Stigter
CCO (Founder)

Tristan Timmermans
Developer (Co-Founder)

Lars de Kroon

Niels van der Kolk

Reinier de Jonge

Geert Habben Jansen

Koen Goedemondt

Jeroen van Uffelen

Maurits Bos

Melle Minten

Robert de Bakker

Douglas Doulton
US Representative

Bart Markus
Chairman of the Board (incoming)