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Pioneering a Seamless and Secure Digital Future

We’re on the cusp of a new frontier. A frontier where digital ecosystems continue to evolve and play increasingly important roles in our day to day lives.
Core Identity is the foundation for establishing trust in digital interactions. By securely linking digital credentials to the Core Identity of a user, service providers can trust they are interacting with the actual individual.
Proper management of core identity allows for privacy-preserving identity verification methods. Users can prove they meet certain criteria (eg being over a certain age) without revealing all their personal information.
A well-defined core identity can enhance interoperability among different systems and services. By using standardized core identity attributes, users can seamlessly access multiple services with their digital identity, reducing friction and improving user experience.

The Ubiqu Difference

The Game Changer in Strong Identities

The reason why we still have weak digital identities, is the inevitable compromise between User Experience and Security.

The best method to make an identity safe, is to link an identity to a cryptographic token. Then you need to store this token in a dedicated hardware element.

The problem with this, is that now every time you want to use your identity, you need this hardware element. So you have to take it with you at all times, and do not lose it. The result is low adoption among users.

At Ubiqu we solved this by inventing our patented Remote Secure Element (RSE). We allow users to store their hardware element in a secure data center. With a safe connection to their phones, they can now access it at all times This results in high user adoption and makes identity fraud something from the past.

So Why Does
This Matter?

By associating the user with an internal personal identity control, the user has sole control over their own Core Identity, enabling recovery by the user of their outward digital identity manifestations (claims, credentials, etc), activation of other or secondary (cloud) wallets enabling use of outward digital identity manifestations on other devices (laptops, tablets, cars, TVs).

Once the digital twin of a real person is created this real person can reclaim their Core Identity and start using it by collecting their credentials and claims and enabling their use, such as signing, wallets and data sharing.

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