Qualified Remote Secure element for data provenance

The most impactful organizations in the world – including governments and banks– are in the process of digitally transitioning their business critical activities. This implies that their analog business flows and -infrastructure need to be translated into a digital model. Analog business flows are often founded on legal compliance or are based upon an analog trust model. Trust models require that their actors (identities, applications, devices) and data are trustworthy, for instance notarised or authenticated.

In the digital landscape, data can easily be modified and ownership is hard to determine. Therefore, data cannot initially be trusted and choices in business processes based on this information can lead to huge (societal) consequences, causing a lack of trust in digital business flows. Mitigating these problems lead to high costs, long lead-times and a lot of compliance overhead.

People, applications and device are now able to secure business critical data, assuring down stream  supply chain trust. In turn, enabling digital transformation of  business critical processes

Stay ahead by using data provenance to accelerate your digital transformation by securing the supply chain of business critical data and securing your processes at the same time.

Highest level of security

The highest form of digital security, that’s what ubiqu stands for. We provide a radical new remote secure element technology. It is the first time that a software solution outperforms a hardware solution. By digitalizing hardware, ubiqu is the first company that can offer a patented and certified software security solution for all your possible needs: be it from governments and banking, small companies or individual customer needs up to omni-channel.


Great user experience

We combine the best digital security and your daily way of working. This results in a seamless connection with your digital channels, data and all possible interactions. Signing in to your favorite website? Making a payment at your bank, sign a new contract with your Telecom provider or even communicate safely with your government. Today, ubiqu facilitates the best possible security with mobile app technology that fits all your needs.


Unique global proposition

User friendly

The best user experience available today

Highest security

Certifiable & legal qualified signatures

Omni-channel proof

Single cloud solution for all channels

Great value

Positive business case for your company