Wallet Secure Cryptographic Device

March 27, 2024


A Wallet Secure Cryptographic Device (WSCD) is a secure hardware device in which you store your personal information, to stay secure. It is similar to a Random Reader of a bank, or the chip in your bank card. The only catch is, is that now every time you want to use your identity, you need this hardware element. So you have to take it with you at all times, and do not lose it. That is why we invented the patented Remote Secure Element. Why the RSE is a Game Changer A Remote Secure Element is a Wallet Secure Cryptographic Device stored in a secure data warehouse. It is only accessible via the mobile phone of the user, allowing them to have the strongest possible identity, with just the UX of a PIN Code. This is a game changer which will make identity fraud something of the past. What we provide RSE provides API calls to manage the lifecycle of the RSE. The goal of the token is to create, protect or destroy (cryptographic) assets. Assets can be anything that can be of value to an end-user, such as a secret, password, symmetric key, biometric template, or an asymmetric key pair, or a set of asymmetric key pairs, credentials or claims. It is up to the issuers to manage the lifecycle of core identities, portal identities, credentials, claims, attributes or certificates. The IDP issuers the association between users, wallets, keys and RSE’s. For instance, a ubiqu token contains the RSA key pair. The Issuer can create and issue this RSE to a user in his wallet, after which a key pair is ready for use in the wallet, store in the RSE. In case of eIDAS 1.0 certificates, it is now up to the Certificate issuer/RA to prepare the CSR using the wallet and have it signed for subsequent processing by a CA. The Certificate can then be published and managed. The wallet with the RSE takes care of creation, destruction and usage of the key pair. This approach guarantees that the end-user always has full control of the key pair even for CSR generation.
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