Note that our free plan is currently in beta. Please drop us an email at for your own API key. For a developer’s account for our paid products, please contact our sales department or your account manager.

Let’s make it grow!

At Ubiqu, we believe that the future of the internet lies in strong authentication solutions, in order to give security guarantees over any and all actions being done over it. For that reason, we will offer our digital security service for free. This will cover:

  • Military grade cryptography
  • Higher security than physical smart cards
  • Ability to integrate with libraries and Certificate stores
  • High level API access

Add free 2 factor authentication to your service

Your user can reuse their single Ubiqu pin on your services. Enhancing user experience by having the user choose a pin once and reuse it across not just your service, but all other services signed up to our Free offering. This removes the user’s need to remember a new password and user credential for your service, while enhancing security. Thus giving users an extra privacy enhanced option besides social login with Google or Facebook. Preserving your user’s privacy, while enhancing the user experience and the security at the same time.

Security and privacy

Ubiqu is oblivious about users, we have absolutely no user data. You know your customers, we provide a high security anonymous credential. Allowing your service to enjoy the benefits of enhanced security, by not having to store user secrets, and enhanced user convenience, by only requiring a single secret of the user and also enabling an enhanced privacy experience that does not rely on social login.

Ubiqu’s solution consists of two components:

  • Free API
  • Ubiqu Authenticate App

Each installation of the Ubiqu Key Store App will have a Ubiqu-branded Profile pre-installed. You can use these profiles for free on your website today. Please read on to learn about the authentication flows that the Ubiqu Key Store App supports and how you can integrate secure sign-up and login through the Ubiqu Free Profile into your website or app.

The documentation for the specific API calls for this service can be found in our tutorial here: Ubiqu Free API Tutorial

Your Website / API enhanced with 2 factor authentication

The Ubiqu Profile allows you to implement the following two customer journeys, resulting in minimal user friction during sign-up and login:

  • Signup/login without a user id
  • Signup/login with a user id

The advantage of the sign up without user-id is that the user isn’t required to remember his or her user-id for your site or app, but the user has to manually start the app. You can decide which one has less friction for your use-case.

Signup/login without user id

A user comes to your website. You display our 9 digit Ubiqu code. This code is acquired by using the API below, after sign-up. A so-called Identification.

Signup/login with user id

A user comes to your website. Asks them to sign-up and choose a user id. You display our 9 digit Ubiqu code.

Finishing Signup/login

Ask the user to download the Ubiqu Key Store app if the user hasn’t done so already, and to enter the Ubiqu code in his app.

When the user enters the code in his app, the Ubiqu API will send either a callback notification with an UUID associated with this user, or you can poll the status of the Identification session through a simple request (web sockets will be supported in the near future).

If it was the first time the user entered a Ubiqu code for your website, this session is treated as a sign-up and you can proceed to ask the user questions that are relevant to provide the user your service, or link a user id to a UUID provided by our service that is guaranteed to be unique for that user. Subsequent login sessions can now be identified through either: the user entering a different 9 digit code in the app again, or through a cookie you placed in a previous session. You can then send a request directly to the user to ask them to authenticate themselves (and enter their PIN).

This way, you only need to require input from your user if such information is vital to providing your service, and generally user friction is minimized.

After having applied these journeys, the user does not need a username nor a password, and can securely sign-up and login to your website through a simple App with a PIN code.



ubiqu-itunes-app-button ubiqu-itunes-app-button

The app can be downloaded by the end-user and is a Ubiqu branded profile that is enrolled automatically on the app after the user finishes the introduction, or chooses to create a profile from the menu. The user only chooses his own PIN. That’s it.

Ubiqu Free

Please look at our tutorial for instructions on how to integrate and register Ubiqu Free: Ubiqu Free API Tutorial.