Protect your clients’ data and yours

Many organizations serve millions of B2B and B2C customers online. They all share at least one and the same threat, that is the continuous threat of hackers, online fraud and malicious actions like a Man-in-the-Middle and Phishing attacks. These organizations are like you, in a rat race with hackers to protect their clients’ data and company assets.

The largest companies in the world service millions of customers online. Daily, these multinationals are attacked by hackers and they try to protect their clients’ and company data. Airlines, Telecom Providers, large online retailers, banks, insurance companies and even Governments must find a way to protect their customers. For these companies and governments Ubiqu has made the best digital security available worldwide, without their customers need to compromise user experience. More information

Not every large company needs the highest form of security. Because there is no crucial personal data stored or the potential reputation and financial risk at getting hacked. Those companies that characterize themselves as digital companies with a large customer base, but without possessing personal data, Ubiqu offers a special product to serve their needs. Based on the same patented technology, but without some specific features. More information

There are millions of smaller companies, although very successfull, serving a relatively smaller client base. You are representing one of these companies and offer a ‘login’ or have some sort of client data base that needs to be protected? Or you want your clients to offer online document signing? Digital security becomes important to you too, but you do not need a Enterprise solution. You can just implement our API for free to let your customers enjoy a flawless digital experience. More information

Important questions are:

  • How can you deal with all possible malicious threats in the digital spectrum without compromising security and online user experience?
  • How do you keep costs low?
  • How can you profit from the newest security technology and thus protect your company and clients’ data?

Of course, not every company or government has the same kind of security needs. Governments and banks are usually extremely vulnerable to attacks. That is why they try to protect their own and clients’ data best. Unfortunately, this still appears to be a major challenge. Client data and payments are central point of attention to black hat hackers. The have found a true business case in stealing data, selling it or using it as blackmail.