Store your passwords easily and securely!

We offer you the best App in the world available now, to secure your usernames and passwords. That is why we offer both a Consumer App and Company solutions. From small companies to even the large multinationals, all use of our patented technology.

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How does it work?

With the Ubiqu app, you do not need to store all your passwords, you just store ONE! With only one password to enter your accounts on your favorite websites or apps. Need to sign in to your favorite online retail website and buy a product? Just go to the website and use Ubiqu as login and sign in method. Enter your 5 digit code, fingerprint or hold your face in front of your mobile camera and you are in! Download the Ubiqu App for free in the app store, fill in the boxes and choose your method of login and you will never have to remember all kinds of passwords or usernames again.

Start using it now

Do you want to login to make a payment? Buy an airline ticket or enter your favorite retailer website? Currently, for each website you have to remember a username, password or code. And the worst part, it is not even secure! Even if the companies say it is, they – and you – can still be hacked by Phishing or a ‘Man-in-the-Middle’ attacks. That is an enormous problem! Imagine if somebody gets access to your credit card or other personal data. You want the best online security and without the hassle of an username, passwords, codes, etc. With an easy access and control system. That is what we promise to you!

How to download?

Go to the App-stores and search for the Ubiqu App. Because we have more than one app, make sure you download the “MY Ubiqu app”. Once installed on your mobile phone, fill in the mandatory boxes and choose the websites you want to use it for. You are now ready to start using your favorite websites or apps without all those different usernames and passwords!




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