Ubiqu Advanced solution

Ubiqu Advanced is a patented and certifiable cryptographic link between PIN, context and secure element that is end-to-end encrypted. The patented technology makes the secure element location independent, so it can be safely placed in your data centre.

Each app is unique

Our solution comprises a secure PIN entry application on the mobile phone and a cryptographically modified, certified HSM that runs at Ubiqu.

Each app is made unique on enrollment. The core Ubiqu component has been evaluated on common criteria level and is nearly impossible to hack. So even if a hacker tries, he has to hack each app individually for each customer.This result in that no generic malware, Man-in-the-Middle or Phishing attacks are possible, unlike for regular authentication apps or hardware based solutions like chip cards.

You offer:

  • A mobile app or website
  • Online products and services
  • Large online web shop
  • A secure platform for your customers
  • Provide your customers safe login
  • Your service to less than 200.000 users each month

All above can be serviced by Ubiqu’s Advanced solution.

Ubiqu technology covers:

  • Military grade cryptography
  • More secure than smart card
  • Able to integrate with libraries and Certificate stores
  • High level API access

More information?

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Choose your own solution

The Ubiqu Gold certificate offers you all digital security you need:

  • User experience
  • API
  • Fips certfied HSMHardware backed security
  • Pricing
  • Security
  • SLA
  • Support
  • Enterprise

  • 1 PIN + fingerprint + OK
  • dedicated in ubiqu in security certified datacentersOn-premises or dedicated
  • On-premises
  • Paid
  • ubiqu delivers LoA tokens acoodring to FIPS 800-63, ETSI 101 456, ETSI 311 114, ISO 28115 or STORK en delivers guidance on customer registration and issaunce procesLevel of assurance 4
  • Custom SLA backedPlatinum
  • Personal dedicated account manager
  • Advanced

  • 1 PIN + OK
  • Shared
  • HSM + APP HSMDedicated
  • Paid
  • LoA 3
  • Custom SLA backedGold
  • Personal dedicated team
  • Pro

  • 1 PIN + OK
  • Shared
  • No HSMShared
  • Paid
  • Safe control and signing
  • SLA backedSilver
  • Dedicated team